The Interview
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date March 7, 2015
Starring Peter as himself
Trey as the turtle whisperer
Tony as the turtle
Written by Peter
Length 2:07
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"The Intervention" "Writer's Block"

The Interview is the third video in Season 1.

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Premise Edit

Peterpotocorp has a new applicant.

Script Edit

[The distant future, Peterpotocorp H.Q.]

[The interviewer is seated at his desk, scribbling notes. He looks up.]

Interviewer (calling): Next!

[The turtle whisperer walks into the room with a turtle in his arms.]

Interviewer: Hello.

Whisperer (brightly): Hello, hey.

Interviewer: Did you bring him for, uh, moral support?

Whisperer: No, silly, he's the one applying.

[The whisperer sits down.]

Interviewer (eyeing turtle): You realize this is a North American box turtle, right?

Whisperer: I try to look past color.

[The interviewer stares onward at the whisperer in concealed anger.]

Interviewer: Did you bring a résumé?

Whisperer: No, but he did.

Interviewer (indignantly): Could I see it?

Whisperer: Sure.

[The whisperer takes a crumpled up résumé out of his pocket and hands it to the interviewer, who unfolds it.]

Interviewer: It's written in crayon.

Whisperer (proudly): Yeah, that was me.

Interviewer (sarcastically): Nice penmanship.

Whisperer (honestly): Thank you.

[The interviewer sighs and frowns at the whisperer, who only dumbly smiles back.]

Interviewer: Well, it says here you went to college, or he went to college, it does not, however, specify which one, it just says "college".

[Closeup of the résumé. The whisperer leans over and makes a gurgling sound to the turtle, then cups his ears and sticks them into the bowl.]

Whisperer: NABTU.

Interviewer: NABTU?

Whisperer: North American box turtle--

[The interviewer cuts off the whisperer, now understanding the acronym.]

Interviewer: So, given that he's applying for a position that we don't support, [to turtle] why should we hire you?

Whisperer: He'll work for free.

Interviewer: He's hired.


[Framed photo of the turtle with a plaque that reads "Employee of the Month".]

Trivia Edit

  • The turtle that plays the one featured in the video is named Tony and is Trey's pet. Tony is actually a female, but they weren't aware of this when they named her. This makes Tony the first female to appear in a Peterpotomus video.  
  • The video makes a point of mentioning that the turtle is a North American box turtle, although Tony is actually a painted turtle.
  • At a mere 2:07, The Interview is Peterpotomus's shortest video. This is because of filming issues.

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